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LinkedIn Pulse

Android Wear News & Magazines

Pulse is your daily professional news digest. It’s a single place to get your daily news, powered by your professional world.Weve made it even easier for you to stay on top of the latest news in your professional world with LinkedIn Pulse for Android Wear:
- Stay in the know with your top 10 articles without touching your phone. - Dont lose your place when your watch is idle with ambient mode.- Save a story for later, like a story, and read on your device.
Whether you use your watch or your phone, Pulse breaks through the noise by tailoring news for you, so you get all the timely headlines – and save time. See what your network and colleagues are reading, get the latest trending news in your industry, and be notified when your connections make the news. Pulse gets even smarter as you go, learning what you’re interested in from every topic, person, and company you follow, so you get personalized recommendations. You’ll be on top of all the latest headlines in minutes each day – and have something sharp to talk about.